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Introducing Writer Retreat Presenter: Krishna Singh Khalsa

The 6th Annual Jimmy Santiago Baca Writer's Retreat is less than a month away and we are firming up our schedule and confirming presenters throughout the two day retreat.

The latest addition is a presentation entitled: The Art of Writing and Four Vectors of Mastery, which will be presented by Krishna Singh Khalsa.

Learn more information about the presentation and the presenter below, and if you have not signed up for the retreat yet, check out the Writer's Retreat tab for more information and to register.

The Art of Writing

and Four Vectors of Mastery

  • Illumination – To bring authentic insight, vision and understanding to bear on a situation that requires serious improvement.

  • Meditation – To utilize practices of breathing, focusing the mind and raising your level of awareness. To become more awake and present to an ideal or problem that you commit to, as an inspired Quest that will result in a remedy or resolution.

  • Elevation – To eliminate all sense of self-serving ego, in order to exemplify and provide healing and benefits that are in the best interest of all living beings without exception.

  • Realization – To produce and deliver examples and outcomes that are potent, imaginative and creative, bringing fresh understanding, evolutionary advancement and paradigm shift into the lifeworld that we all share.

-– Krishna Singh Khalsa


Bio, Krishna Singh Khalsa

I was raised in the Midwest as the son of a Lutheran pastor who was gifted with a beautiful, congenial mind that he dearly needed, especially for keeping up with and nurturing his errant, rule breaking son. I was educated in a Jesuit university, and worked for Dr. King in Tuscaloosa, Alabama during the summer of 1965. Then I left a PhD graduate program in philosophy because public protest against the Vietnam war was forbidden by the department administration. Why bother to stay if the degree would not have been forthcoming? One illuminating LSD experience in Mexico was convincing enough that the universe is deeply, inherently spiritual, although conventional intellectual norms deny it. During the war, as I experienced a nation gone bad with aggression, greed, and cruelty as a dominating, destroying power. The inner pain I experienced was so deep and intense that suicide seemed to be the only answer, until I realized that it wasn’t. There was no guarantee the pain would end at death. So, suicidal thoughts were replaced by deep prayer, for three years, as a quest to find a spiritual guide with real answers. Those prayers were answered in August 1969 in Santa Fe, as a result of intuitive guidance to travel there in search. Yogi Bhajan became my spiritual teacher, I became a Sikh and a Kundalini yogi, and the gift of my real life of deep, authentic spiritual discovery began. And so it continues, because I follow lineages of Bodhisattvas, and because “continuing, no matter what” is what bodhisattvas do.



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