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Feeding the Roots of Self-Expression and Freedom

This curriculum-based collection of lesson plans published by Teachers College Press is designed to build student confidence for articulating their unique ideas and sensibilities about the world through literary expression. For this book, Jimmy Santiago Baca, one of the foremost poets in America today, collaborates with two National Writing Project Fellows and literacy professionals, Kym Sheehan and Denise VanBriggle. Together they present a teaching tool that uses poems from Baca’s incarceration as a young man, along with curricular activities and probing questions crafted to help students heal through writing. Each exercise reinforces the theme that a strong grasp of self-esteem borne from unique expression lends itself to the student enjoying day-to-day life at the highest creative and fulfilling level.

With: Kym Sheehan, Denise VanBriggle

Publication Date: November 14, 2018

PAPERBACK - ISBN: 9780807759554 $26.95

EBOOK - ISBN: 9780807777435 $21.56



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