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Calling all students and teachers!


  • Join me, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and my special guest presenters as we discuss a variety of pertinent poetry and writing-related topics live over streaming video.


  • Registrants can follow along in the downloadable print materials, as well as ask questions and participate in live discussions via the realtime chat room.

  • Missed a webinar or can't attend one? All webinars are recorded and will be available to view in the Webinar Archive.



Hosted by poet and author Jimmy Santiago Baca.

Dear friends, family, students, teachers, inmates, ex-cons, and everyone we know and love,

Jimmy’s been away for a while, but NOW HE’S BACK...


...and he’s back with more commitment and more purpose than ever before! We’ve got something BRAND NEW that we’re EXCITED to finally share with you. We are pleased to announce Jimmy’s new LIVE Webinar Series:




The goal of this 4-week LIVE Webinar Series is to access the power inside ourselves for true learning, integrate what we’ve learned, and then share it with others. We’re going to dig deep and create a solid foundation for A PLACE TO STAND TOGETHER and GROW! Join us and engage yourself in a new way of seeing and embracing your life experience!

Our very first LIVE Webinar Series, A PLACE TO STAND TOGETHER will take place over four weeks and will consist of four 1-1.5 hour modules with a Q&A at the end of each module. What’s GREAT about the LIVE Webinar Series is that it’s been organized so that all four modules can work together and build on each other OR each module can easily “stand alone.” What this means is that you can take just one, two, three, or ALL FOUR modules in the series! Whatever works best for you, that is our goal!


The other reason we’ve worked it this way is because we want AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to participate no matter what your time, budget, or physical constraints. We don’t want to leave anyone out!


The Courage to Strike When the Imagination is Hot

Know what you want to write and learn to release your voice.


Develop and Create an Affinity to your Character

Learn to trust yourself so that your character will communicate with you.


Learn to Coax a Sentence Until You Own the Tone and Words

Make the story or poem yours by humanizing your voice.


Never Look Back

Get to the end no matter what; then prepare for first draft edit.


A few words from Jimmy...


Welcome back everyone and get set to embrace this very energizing and meaningful journey we’re about to undertake. I thank you for your faith and collaboration; it promises to be memorable! 


The cost of each module is $75.00, OR if you’d like to purchase the FULL SERIES (all four), you can get it at a discounted rate of $250.00 (save $50).

Individual Module: $75

Full Series (4 Modules): $250 SAVE $50



If you’ve ever participated in one of Jimmy’s classrooms or read his poetry, you know that his words and lessons PACK A REAL PUNCH and have the ability to CHANGE LIVES. Jimmy will very QUICKLY inspire and motivate you to DIG DEEP, and explore all the things you hold in your heart and finally get them down on the page!



You’ll be receiving emails from us twice a week over the next four weeks with EXCITING NEWS and BIG GIVEAWAYS leading up to this very first LIVE classroom series including video of Jimmy’s new poetry, an excerpt from the book that Jimmy’s been working on that is the sequel to A Place To Stand (!!!!!!!!), more LOVE, more DISCOUNTS, and a whole lot more than that!!


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us!


We’re really excited to bring you this new LIVE Webinar Series and we can’t wait to see you in CLASS!


Click NOW to sign up.


TEACHERS: Interested in setting up a LIVE Webinar Series for your classroom? Contact us for details:

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