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The Importance of a Piece of Paper [Signed Hardcover]

Confirming his status as a writer of remarkable versatility and wisdom, award-winning poet and memoirist Jimmy Santiago Baca “continues to mine his experience, exploring conflicts between the rich traditions of Chicano culture and a modern world impatient with them” (Entertainment Weekly) in his widely praised debut collection of short fiction. This is a special, limited-edition hardcover version, hand-signed to you by the author.

The Importance of a Piece of Paper [Signed Hardcover]

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11th Annual JSB Writer's Retreat

@ The Albuquerque Museum

June 28-30, 2024

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM each day

This retreat not only offers an opportunity to learn from acclaimed poet Jimmy Santiago Baca himself, but also welcomes you into a community passionate about the art of storytelling.


The retreat is designed to enhance the skills of artists in a multidisciplinary way, that is, writing and creativity touches them all—dance, activism, painting, teaching, writing, meditation, and can be accessed by everyone. It's all about opening the doors that are already there. If you have a story to tell this retreat is for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 


We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable weekend that will blow the gaskets off your fear and encourage you to take leaps of faith in your work that will spill over into your life—yes, that’s what I mean, it’ll change who you are and how you see the world and your place in it!


Secure your spot for the retreat now and be ready to embark on a transformative journey!


Yours in Poetry,

Jimmy Santiago Baca

No refunds will be issued.
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