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An important announcement from Jimmy Santiago Baca

About three years ago I suspended my website in order to rebuild it from the ground up as a solid infrastructure to support significant growth in individuals, groups, and communities.

However, since assembling a great team, things have changed a bit: we're going to do our part in shaping and determining how we live, what our communities need and how to serve families in general. Our personal lives and the lives of many others depend on our engagement and we are determined to involve ourselves and continue to work hard. We've built a new website, with an infrastructure to support significant

Soon, we will offer some amazing programs that have been in development for a number of years, including writing workshops and community outreach efforts. Right now I invite everyone to visit my website and subscribe to join in making this venture an opportunity for personal change in your world through the exciting work we're doing.

Everyone is welcome and everyone will help us shape our future. We'll reform the criminal justice system and improve how schools teach our kids, how prisons treat our fellow human beings, and how reintegration programs can impact ex-offenders. To apply our resources to train others how to care for Mother Earth, we have an organic farm that will be managed by ex-offenders and a retreat house for poets coming out of prison to offer them a safe and nurturing place to finish their manuscripts.

Our relationship with the global community will be dynamic, resourceful, vibrant and multi-faceted in meeting the educational needs of teachers, students and the public in general. We have our mobile library ready to go and we'll be serving rural areas where schools have closed down due to lack of funding. We'll have addiction recovery workshops, poetry, and memoir workshops; and we'll be showcasing our digital children book series soon. For the moment, however, we have single or bundled poetry readings available on the website; we have 45 poetry reflections with meaningful content for teachers to use; we'll soon be facilitating teacher training sessions via our webinar and panel platform and we've published our own textbook for use in (schools and) secure environments such as prisons and juvenile facilities.

One thing we're doing, in the words of our amazing collaborator, is utilizing our courses as a re-entry initiative that brings the incarcerated parent together with the child/children. Our plan is to have both child and parent work through the program together in a classroom environment over a six month period. We will bring the child into our facility visiting room with the parent to complete the program. Our goal is to rebuild family ties and strengthen the bond between parent and child through the program.

We will be a leading source for change. We intend to be around for a long time and toward that end, we need you to be involved. We will keep you engaged and interested in our innovative programs. Our three-year transition has been exhausting and has challenged us and stretched us, but in the end, it has breathed new life into our vision to spread peace and joy to as many as possible. We hope you will join us.





Jimmy Santiago Baca