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Cedar Tree, Inc. transforms lives through reading and writing. We conduct literary workshops in prisons, detention centers, community centers, and schools for at-risk youth. Our mission is to offer under-served communities the tools to overcome obstacles to learning. Drawing on participants' life-based experiences, Cedar Tree, Inc. workshops change lives forever.

Cedar Tree, Inc., founded in 2004 by renowned, award-winning author Jimmy Santiago Baca, is an organization dedicated to transforming lives through writing and literature.

“Cedar Tree came about when my wife and I were hiking in the forest one day and a gusher thunderstorm came out of nowhere, lightning and thunder and downpours. We found refuge under a cedar tree.”
– Jimmy Santiago Baca

The mission of Cedar Tree is to improve the human condition; to advance knowledge through compassion and literacy, through excellence in learning, discovery and engagement; and to serve as diverse a community as we can, adolescents on the edge and incarcerated children and adults.

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